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I am an 18 year old student currently living in the Winchester area. My interest in website design began when I made a website for school coursework a few years ago. I have purchased the software that I used at school and have got to know how to use it better. Shortly after, I made a website for “The Winchester Live At Home Scheme”, a local charity in Winchester, and found it to be an enjoyable project to be involved with after leaving school. I have been working on weekly updates for the scheme’s website since it went live in September and have found releasing updates quick and easy to do using the software.

Since then, I was asked to create a website for a professional fundraiser in Winchester. The website I have  created is “Charity Adviser” for which I designed and created a professional website, sorted out hosting and email accounts for the site, and I also showed the owner how to use the software so that he can now continue to update it himself.

I am currently looking for my next project and am looking forward to making a difference to somebody else’s organisation.  

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