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My rates are very competitive. Any quotes given will be estimated using an hourly rate of £15. The services most new websites will require are website design, website hosting, e-mail accounts set up and purchasing of the necessary software. If you would like me to re-design an existing website and already have hosting in place, I can usually accommodate this but if not, I can give advice and initiate transferring of the domain. Please note that I do not host the website itself, that is done through another company, but I will set it up for you and help you choose the best deal for your hosting and domain name. With regard to the necessary software, again I will advise you of the best deals available to buy the software that I have used.

Please Contact me for more specific estimates of hosting and software. For a quotation of how much your website will cost in total, again please Contact me, providing as much information as you can regarding what sort of website you are looking for, i.e. how many pages, how many photos, etc and I will aim to get back to you within 24-48 hours.

Most of the contact can be done over e-mail and phone to keep transport costs down. I will also send ‘Work in Progress’ PDF files of the website so that you can easily let me know if there is anything that you would like changed before the website goes online.

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